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The Sweet Nel's Concept

Sweet Nel’s has redefined the cafe experience!

Organic ice cream, traditional ice creams, gourmet coffee, premises made gelato and a bakery.  We’ve blended exciting concepts seamlessly and created a unique cafe concept.

Organic ice cream has exploded onto the scene and has changed the industry.  Nelson’s Dutch Country Organic Ice Cream is made right here in the Delaware Valley from local, organic milk and cream. It tastes better than regular ice cream and is better for you.

We are “What’s Next.”

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The Next Generation of Cafes

Sweet Nel’s embraces both great business practices and social responsibility. Why not accomplish both? We make great products without the use of chemicals, shortcuts, enhancers, artificial ingredients or any other bad stuff. We offer organic ice creams and toppings and premises made “fresh” products. We keep the environment in mind with every decision. Read more about our environmental and sustainable business model.

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