mixingThe “theatre of food” is central to the Sweet Nel’s concept.  It combines elements of an ice cream franchise and a cafe or coffee shop franchise

The aroma of hot fudge and caramel cooking, waffles baking, fresh fruit toppings cut to order, coffees and espressos brewing, cookies baking.

Watch gelato being made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. Sit at our gelato bar and talk to the Gelato Masters as they work their magic. (Ask them for free samples!)

Sweet Nel’s is a feast for the senses.


A Family of Products in Perfect Harmony

With our approach, We have created a business concept with multiple sources of potential revenue and reasons to visit Sweet Nel’s. A complete gourmet coffee offering in the early morning is a business all by itself.  Organic Ice Cream is available any time. Pastries and cookies mornings, afternoons and late nights.

We have created a confluence of products in harmony with each other. Combinations are endless. Espresso with a dollop of organic vanilla ice cream, an ice cream sandwich made with freshly baked (hot) chocolate chip pecan cookies, ice cream petit fours with homemade fudge, gift baskets featuring combinations of products.  Learn more about Nelson’s Organic Ice Cream.

Come for the Products – Stay for the Show!



Hot FudgeA sophisticated, comfortable seating area lends itself to meeting friends, conducting a business discussion or just surfing the net. Free wifi and electrical & USB connections at every table make every seat in the house your favorite. Lots of natural woods and fabrics make Sweet Nel’s a warm place to experience. The theater of food is almost like entertainment. Always something to see and watch. It’s interactive. Talk to our Gelato Masters – learn about how they make stuff.

And the aroma!  Make sure you’re around when we are making hot fudge (from scratch).

Our Sustainable Approach

  • Recycle SymbolPeople appreciate companies that add positives to the local landscape, culture and environment. Everything done at Sweet Nel’s is in concert with an organic, natural and sustainable approach:
  • Green electricity source for power.
  • 100% compostable (not plastic) products made from wheat-straw and corn.
  • Our fresh ingredients are sourced from farms in the immediate area.
  • Most of the wood used in constructing the shop is from reclaimed sources with a small plaque detailing the history of the wood.

Our Natural Philosophy

  • We use organic ingredients whenever possible
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No Polysorbate 60, 65, 80
  • Cleaning products are non-toxic, natural