Does Sweet Nel’s have a financing program?

No. We expect you to have the financial ability to secure financing on your own. However, we have a variety of financing sources that we can acquaint you with who specialize in providing financing directly to franchisees.

How much profit can I expect from a Sweet Nel’s?

We do not predict or estimate possible sales or profits for new franchise locations.

Can you own more than one Sweet Nel’s franchise?

We do not allow multiple shop ownership at this time.

Are all of the products organic?

No. The Dutch Country Ice Cream is certified organic, the gelato is all natural and the Dutch Farms Ice Creams are made as they have been since 1922 which is not organic. All of the other items, toppings, etc are organic if available. All products sold at Sweet Nel’s are identified accordingly (organic or non-organic).

Do I get a protected territory with my franchise?

Yes. Your Sweet Nel’s franchise has a clearly defined protected territory in which no other Sweet Nel’s franchise can be located.

Who negotiates the lease for a Sweet Nel’s location?

You and/or your attorney does. However, we need to review and approve your proposed lease to make sure it complies with our franchise requirements.

How long does it take to open my Sweet Nel’s franchise?

From the time you are approved and sign your franchise agreement, it may be as quick as 5 months or as long as a year depending upon site selection, permitting and construction.