Initial Training

Sweet Nels FranchiseOur classroom and shop training consists of 2 weeks of intensive training from the most basic of shop functions to the most comprehensive management techniques necessary to run the Sweet Nel’s business.

Start-up Labs

A Sweet Nel’s consultant will guide you through every phase of development and, eventually, to help you open your shop. We consider every franchise to be a unique situation with its own variables. We will conduct ongoing meetings to review objectives and to aid you in better understanding the development and opening processes. We call them ‘Start-up Labs”.

Grand Opening Support

After shop construction, and for the 2-weeks prior to grand opening, we will assist in setting up your Sweet Nel’s Shop. We are with you full time to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Post-Opening Support & Continued Training

We will continue to support you through the opening process and guide you for at least 2 weeks after grand opening to make sure everything is running smoothly. Training is ongoing for both you and your employees.

Promotion & Marketing

We support you with the tools you need to take advantage of promotional opportunities and create new programs on an ongoing basis.

Field Service

Sweet Nel’s franchisees are provided with a Field Service Consultant on-call to answer questions and to provide support. They will visit on a regular basis and have an in-depth meeting about how things are going and to offer suggestions and evaluations.